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The Importance of Body Armor/Ballistic Vests for Military/Police/Security Forces

Men and women who serve or work in the military, security forces or police always have to face the fact that they will one day end up in a dangerous situation. Being shot at in both of these fields is a fact of reality that must be dealt with in the best possible way and for that reason there are body various kinds of armor / ballistic vests available. These protective vests and gear are resistant to attacks by various weapons, such as guns, knives and even small explosions. A person’s decision to wear body armor may be one of life and death.

Since those serving our military, security forces and police have to face danger everyday and are at a higher risk of being shot at or stabbed, it is of utmost importance that they protect themselves in any way possible. Body armor and ballistic vests provide protection and due to the fact that many lives have been saved already through these pieces, there is constant research being done in order to further better the effectiveness and resistance of the armor. New materials and technology have been developed and are being developed right now which will make body armor more effective and also lightweight. This is a great advancement since many actually choose not to wear their protective equipment due to the size and weight of it.

Body armor makes the lives of police, military and security forces safer and that makes it an important part of their lives. It not only protects against deadly attacks, but also may save the person from suffering other attacks that could paralyze or incapacitate them in some form. Being disabled is just as hard on some people and their families as death and this too can be avoided by using body armor. Such pain and misery is reason enough to consider and appreciate just how important body armor is and what it does.

There is yet another important role that body armor plays in the lives of those working for the police, military or security forces and that is that it can be an insurance factor. If something should happen to a soldier or police officer and they have life insurance or some other insurance to help them and their family in such a case, the claim may actually be denied if not body armor was used or if it was old or faulty. This can cause serious financial difficulties and this could lead to a lifetime of problems that could have very well been easily avoided.

The importance of body armor for those working in dangerous fields, such as a police officer or worker in any branch of the military or security forces, is not to be taken for granted. There are different classes and types of body armor so that everyone should be able to find the right equipment for them and their field of work. No matter what the costs or how uncomfortable body armor may be, it is still important and has saved thousands of lives throughout the years.


The Different Types of Body Armor/Ballistic Vests and their Positive and Negative Sides

There are many reasons that someone will need to wear body armor or ballistic vests and for that reason there are just as many different types that are made of different fabrics or metals. Every type of protective equipment and the stuff that it is made of has its own advantages, as well as disadvantages. By keeping these characteristics in mind when shopping for the right body protection is crucial when it comes to making the right decision that may make a life or death difference.

The most standard fabric used for making bulletproof vests is woven Kevlar. This is a synthetic fiber that made its appearance as a body armor material in the 1970s. The advantage of Kevlar is that it is sturdy and tensile, which makes it an effective protector against projectiles. Another asset is that it is not as susceptible to heat as other materials and thus the integrity of the armor is longer lasting. There are two negative aspects of Kevlar as a body armor material. The one is that the cost of production is high and therefore it is more expensive. The other negative side is more serious, because if Kevlar vests are hit with high velocity bullets or larger pieces of shrapnel or similar projectiles, then the energy resulting from the impact may endanger the person wearing it.

Kevlar is not the only fiber that is used for soft body armor and many more are emerging on the market now. There is, for example, Dragon Skin, Dyneema, GoldFlex and Zylon. All have characteristics similar to Kevlar, but they cost more. The one exception is in the case of Zylon where there is one negative feature and that is that it degrades quickly and leaves the wearer vulnerable. Promising lightweight fibers that are much stronger than its weigh equivalent of steel are Biosteel which is made of spider silk, The only backside to any of these materials is that they are not yet readily available and the production processes is still being refined.

Ceramics is another material used to make body armor / ballistic vests. In this case the ceramic actually used is called alumina. This is a very resistant and robust material that has become a standard for body armor plate inserts. It also has a high melting point and that gives it a long life. On the other side, though, it is only obtained through a mulit-phase process and the steps also determine just how strong the alumina will be. There are not many manufacturers of alumina, either.

Metal plates are also used for protection in hard body armor. Although they can successfully ward off bullets or stabbings, they are also extremely heavy. This can substantially slow the wearer of the vest down. One good thing about the metals plates is that they are durable and last a long time if not hit since it is not affected by heat, or moisture and the structure does not weaken over time.

Choosing the right kind of body armor is easier to do if you understand the materials used to make it and with the advantages and disadvantages of each are. You may be able to save some money, but more importantly you will be able to pick out a reliable, long lasting and life saving piece of protective gear.


The different brands that make Body Armor

There are a number of companies that have specialized in making body armor or ballistic vests. It is important to not just trust any brand, since body armor has to be relied upon in life and death situations, which means that it must be of the highest quality and most modern materials. One thing that a particular vest or piece of body armor must have is the certification that it meets the standards of the United Stated National Institute of Justice.

One well known brand of protective gear is American Body Armor. This company has a good reputation and offers a wide range of products that especially meet the needs of police officers. American Body Armor is noted for its lightweight protective gear and innovative ballistic vests. Anyone wanting the latest protective body armor should go to their website and inform themselves about their gear and the latest technology used.

Another quality brand maker of body armor is Interceptor. This company makes body armor mostly for the U.S. military. This make of body armor is extremely efficient and offers more protection than regular bulletproof vests. Interceptor body armor can be personalized for a specific situation by the placement of inserts into the vest. There are plates designed to protect against things like, for example, small firearm and these plates can be added to the back and front of the vest. Additional protective pieces are also made by Interceptor, such as throat or shoulder body armor.

Ranger Body Armor is another brand of protective gear and it too was designed for military purposes. It is flexible and yet can still protect against various types of projectiles. Although it is an effective piece of body armor, it is also very heavy due to the plates that provide protection.

First Choice Armor is another maker of body armor. Although this company specializes in ballistics vests that are mostly used by police officers, it also is a brand name supplier of military protective gear. It is a main supplier of police vests since they have body armor that protects against both projectiles and stabbings. They also have lines of tactical vests and reliable series such as the Thin Blue Line vests and the Inertia concealable body armor. First Choice Armor is considered to be an industry leader and anyone purchasing their equipment will not have to worry about their standards. They surpass all legal requirements of body armor and they continually improve their lines with new and better materials. They are known for their innovations, durability, quality and the lightest weighing protective gear.

There are many brands of body armor, but not all are of the same quality and standards. When it comes to gear that may very well save your life, it is important to know who the best supplier in the industry is. All brand name suppliers of body armor have a website and there you can find all the information you need. Only once you know of all the possibilities available to you, can you make a wise decision.


Dangers of Using Used Body Armor

Body armor and ballistic vests are not cheap in their purchasing price and unfortunately in time of economic hardship, some may consider the option of saving money by purchasing used equipment. This is not recommended simply because it is a bad idea for a number of reasons. No matter what the cost of a new piece of body armor may be, the price is a small amount to pay considering the fact that it may be what saves a life.

The one main reason that purchasing a used piece of body armor is dangerous is that it will not have the same strength and integrity it used to have. This means less stopping strength and that may make the difference of whether or not a projectile will be deadly. Even if the body armor has never had to take a bullet, blunt force trauma or stabbing it may still be weaker and less reliable than a new piece. This is because the materials are weakened by moisture such as rain or sweating, humidity and heat. When exposed to such conditions for a period of time the fibers that make up the body armor or ballistic vest begin to break down and that weakens the effectiveness of the entire piece. Once the integrity is weakened, there is no way of repairing it or reinforcing it again. Even if there was, the costs would probably make it more expensive in the end than a new vest or piece of body armor would have cost.

Another reason that using used body armor is dangerous is that it also will have no insurance on it and it will be impossible to insure. This may not be life threatening itself, but if something should happen it can also have very serious effects on the wounded person and their family. Things like life insurance do not cover deaths if caused by using faulty gear, into which category used body gear falls into. Others may not be entitled to compensation or benefits if they willingly and knowingly use second-hand gear. On top of that there is no warranty on used equipment.

Used body armor that appears to be in good condition may also be outdated. This makes such body armor just as dangerous as pieces that have been used or weakened by external factors. Wearing outdated protective gear may be just as dangerous as wearing none at all since a certain bullet type used may go through it like any other piece of clothing.

It is always nice to save some money by making a good deal or finding something used, but in the case of body armor that is a foolish decision. Good and newly purchased body armor protective gear is worth every cent they cost and people who risk their lives in the line of duty on a daily basis should not shortchange themselves by increasing the probability of dying through a wound that could have been prevented. Even if someone decides to not think of themselves, in this case they should at least think of their family and what they could lose.


Learn How To Select The Best Concealed Vest For You

Selecting a concealed vest means being able to chose a ballistic vest that can protect you against most attacks while being comfortable to wear and easy on the pocket. As the technology gets better, the level of protection that many bullet proof vests offer is also changing for the better. While the understanding of how kinetic energy transference takes place has increased, wearing even the best concealed vest available can’t guarantee complete protection from injury! However, body armor does protect you against many threats, please read on…

Threats that Body Armor Can Protect You Against

Truth be told, concealed vests can protect you against several threats. Here’s a look at these:

  1. Protection against blunt trauma; ex. - fists, clubs, columns auto steering wheels etc
  1. Protection against sharp edged weapon attacks, ex. – knife, slashing. However body armor doesn’t guarantee protection against stabbing/thrusting unless the vest is made of anti-stab material.
  1. Protection against many types of ammunition as well as '00' slug; ex. – the soft body vest protects you against “NIJ threat levels like II-A,” “II,” and “III-A.”
  1. Many other types of concealed armor vests like those made from 1/4" thick special steel, 1/2" thick ceramic plates or the 1" thick Polyethylene armor plates protect against “FMJ Rifle rounds” and “NIJ Threat Level III.”
  1. Body armor made from 3/4" thick ceramic plates is successful in protecting you against “.3006 Armor Piercing Rifle” – “NIJ Threat Level IV.”

NIJ Threat Level IV is the highest level of protection available for a human being. In fact it is equivalent to be covered in a bulletproof shell like the turtle! So, while most of us would like to be covered from head to toe in this level of protection, it is not feasible for many reasons like heat buildup, comfort etc.

Important Reasons To Consider When Buying Concealed Vests

Buying body armor is not an easy task. Here are some practical aspects that you must consider when buying protective armor for yourself.

  1. Heat Buildup – The topmost problem area for ballistic vest users! During the summer, wearing the armor can lead to heat buildup. So chose one that allows for good air circulation.
  1. Wearability and Comfort – If a vest fits you well, covers you completely and is doesn’t feel hard against you skin, it is a good investment. Don’t spend money on an armor that you don’t feel like wearing because then you will be left unprotected and vulnerable.
  1. Weight – If a vest is heavy, it will restrict your movement and you will find it difficult to escape from the attack.
  1. Concealability – If armed criminals are able to notice your concealed vest easily, they’ll find it easier to aim and harm you in areas like your head, and lower torso.
  1. Cost – Make real choices when buying body armor. When you know what you want and can afford, you can make a ration choice. Aim for 90-80% protection at an economical cost.

We hope these pointers guide you in the right direction to choose the best concealed vest for you!