The different brands that make Body Armor

There are a number of companies that have specialized in making body armor or ballistic vests. It is important to not just trust any brand, since body armor has to be relied upon in life and death situations, which means that it must be of the highest quality and most modern materials. One thing that a particular vest or piece of body armor must have is the certification that it meets the standards of the United Stated National Institute of Justice.

One well known brand of protective gear is American Body Armor. This company has a good reputation and offers a wide range of products that especially meet the needs of police officers. American Body Armor is noted for its lightweight protective gear and innovative ballistic vests. Anyone wanting the latest protective body armor should go to their website and inform themselves about their gear and the latest technology used.

Another quality brand maker of body armor is Interceptor. This company makes body armor mostly for the U.S. military. This make of body armor is extremely efficient and offers more protection than regular bulletproof vests. Interceptor body armor can be personalized for a specific situation by the placement of inserts into the vest. There are plates designed to protect against things like, for example, small firearm and these plates can be added to the back and front of the vest. Additional protective pieces are also made by Interceptor, such as throat or shoulder body armor.

Ranger Body Armor is another brand of protective gear and it too was designed for military purposes. It is flexible and yet can still protect against various types of projectiles. Although it is an effective piece of body armor, it is also very heavy due to the plates that provide protection.

First Choice Armor is another maker of body armor. Although this company specializes in ballistics vests that are mostly used by police officers, it also is a brand name supplier of military protective gear. It is a main supplier of police vests since they have body armor that protects against both projectiles and stabbings. They also have lines of tactical vests and reliable series such as the Thin Blue Line vests and the Inertia concealable body armor. First Choice Armor is considered to be an industry leader and anyone purchasing their equipment will not have to worry about their standards. They surpass all legal requirements of body armor and they continually improve their lines with new and better materials. They are known for their innovations, durability, quality and the lightest weighing protective gear.

There are many brands of body armor, but not all are of the same quality and standards. When it comes to gear that may very well save your life, it is important to know who the best supplier in the industry is. All brand name suppliers of body armor have a website and there you can find all the information you need. Only once you know of all the possibilities available to you, can you make a wise decision.

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