Learn How To Select The Best Concealed Vest For You

Selecting a concealed vest means being able to chose a ballistic vest that can protect you against most attacks while being comfortable to wear and easy on the pocket. As the technology gets better, the level of protection that many bullet proof vests offer is also changing for the better. While the understanding of how kinetic energy transference takes place has increased, wearing even the best concealed vest available can’t guarantee complete protection from injury! However, body armor does protect you against many threats, please read on…

Threats that Body Armor Can Protect You Against

Truth be told, concealed vests can protect you against several threats. Here’s a look at these:

  1. Protection against blunt trauma; ex. - fists, clubs, columns auto steering wheels etc
  1. Protection against sharp edged weapon attacks, ex. – knife, slashing. However body armor doesn’t guarantee protection against stabbing/thrusting unless the vest is made of anti-stab material.
  1. Protection against many types of ammunition as well as '00' slug; ex. – the soft body vest protects you against “NIJ threat levels like II-A,” “II,” and “III-A.”
  1. Many other types of concealed armor vests like those made from 1/4" thick special steel, 1/2" thick ceramic plates or the 1" thick Polyethylene armor plates protect against “FMJ Rifle rounds” and “NIJ Threat Level III.”
  1. Body armor made from 3/4" thick ceramic plates is successful in protecting you against “.3006 Armor Piercing Rifle” – “NIJ Threat Level IV.”

NIJ Threat Level IV is the highest level of protection available for a human being. In fact it is equivalent to be covered in a bulletproof shell like the turtle! So, while most of us would like to be covered from head to toe in this level of protection, it is not feasible for many reasons like heat buildup, comfort etc.

Important Reasons To Consider When Buying Concealed Vests

Buying body armor is not an easy task. Here are some practical aspects that you must consider when buying protective armor for yourself.

  1. Heat Buildup – The topmost problem area for ballistic vest users! During the summer, wearing the armor can lead to heat buildup. So chose one that allows for good air circulation.
  1. Wearability and Comfort – If a vest fits you well, covers you completely and is doesn’t feel hard against you skin, it is a good investment. Don’t spend money on an armor that you don’t feel like wearing because then you will be left unprotected and vulnerable.
  1. Weight – If a vest is heavy, it will restrict your movement and you will find it difficult to escape from the attack.
  1. Concealability – If armed criminals are able to notice your concealed vest easily, they’ll find it easier to aim and harm you in areas like your head, and lower torso.
  1. Cost – Make real choices when buying body armor. When you know what you want and can afford, you can make a ration choice. Aim for 90-80% protection at an economical cost.

We hope these pointers guide you in the right direction to choose the best concealed vest for you!

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